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In the midst of the pandemic storm, and after the period of reflection that the paradigm shift fosters, during 2020, two childhood friends decide to mix all their knowledge and unleash years of common dreams to make them come true.

 The island of Formentera evokes that paradise in which daydreaming and longings are focused on CALA SAONA: the epicenter of so many summers and the best moments lived, with a strong local bond and the Mediterranean, always, as a backdrop.

 Imbued by the Genius Loci, the local spirit is consciously present in our brand: artisan pieces, designed and manufactured by hand in Spain with premium long lasting raw material, to create a more sustainable future and promote craftsmanship Made in Spain.

The values ​​of our brand are present in each and every one of its products. A careful design enhanced by the best materials and craftsmanship. All the pieces are made in Ubrique, where our master craftsman and his entire team shape our designs, creating unique pieces that transmit their know-how and care to our clients.

This is how Saonara - Made with Love- emerged in December 2021.





At SAONARA, it is very important to comply with a high quality standard, putting into sustainable practice all our artisanal process and materials used, guaranteeing a brand commitment to the environment. An example of this is the use of natural dyes in our manufacturing process.